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An experience at a festival (bushdoof) x
A group of people sat by a raging fire, wearing their warmest attire.
The night was ripe with connection. Thousands united through music, within nature, as I felt the euphoria increase, and the lightness flutter.
Taking a sip of my water, I sat on a boulder as I warmed myself by the fire.
I looked around the flames, many faces, many souls.
I noticed her being noticed, and then I noticed her.
Kneeled, and laying with her hands outstretched forward above her head, face down across the dusty ashes and dirt, as close to the fire as she could withstand, she existed.
Not knowing if she needed help, or if she had fallen - I placed my hand on her back, and began to pass my left hand upwards and downwards, and in a circular motion along her flattened back. As I moved my hand I repeated thoughts of love, I repeated to her from inside my mind the following silent words - “Everything is okay, you’re okay. I love you. I love you, though I don’t know you. I love you. You’re o
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One step at a time.
One foot in front of the other.
You may have to take 2 steps back in order to leap forward, you may have to stay behind to recognize how to get ahead.
Never discount the strides you’ve taken.  
They have guided you to where you are, they lead you to who you are.
Mistakes and missteps are part of the dance.
We don’t know where we’re headed until we’re already on our way.
Focus, and follow your feet.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez
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Most of us try so much to hide away our vulnerability, to smooth over our faults, and imperfections when interacting with others. To give a filtered, idealised, refined, distilled version of our story, of ourselves, and of our essence.
Yet love, and unity, awe, and respect, admiration, and connection are exclusively felt when sharing intimate parts of self, when we allow our diffusion-veil to drop, and bare ourselves enough to be seen, felt, and experienced. A facade can only be felt so far, a truth can continue to unfold over lifetimes.
Continue to unfold, unfurl, and become.
Allow your soul to speak freely, and inspire others to do the same.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez
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T i m e
Time does not exist in how our definitions allow.
Time and space exist as a duo.
The variations of now, constant.
The infinite endlessness that we catalogue so rigidly beckons softness.
A collection of marvels awaiting discovery.
Waste not your moments on wondering how to spend them.
Instead stay vibrant in this instant, without swaying to the sound of compliance.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez
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It is foolish to hold onto your opinions and beliefs, when you came to believe them before this moment, and from instant to instant your hands should remain open.
These concrete knowings promise to keep you afloat, yet they anchor you down, limiting your breath and breadth.
Be open to your opinions and beliefs being challenged; furthermore changed.
It is essential for truth, and growth to coincide.
Simply because in this moment you believe something to be true, does not mean that with new information and knowledge, you should continue to stand by something that may have fallen.
It should evolve as you, yourself ascend, and grow through life.
We are a collection of memories and experience, knowledge and information –– with each new addition the waters shift, they ripple, and alter our substance. To negate the addition is to subtract our value and quantum.
What is the purpose of stomping your feet in agreement to something open to negotiation and interpretation?
With everythi
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We dwell in a society that invites comparison, and judgement.
Promotes something one day, and demotes it the next.
Accentuating our differences instead of our likeness.
Focusing on the terror instead of the repose.
Tracking our every hour, only to destroy our hope for presence.
Accepting counterfeit renditions in exchange for our urgent possibility.
Anything we repeat long enough becomes true.
Within this augmented, artificial reality we have mass-adopted as our actuality;
we keep ourselves hostage in an open field.
We have become addicted to the fallacy, and we have begun to feed it with our candour.
Losing our mind as we gain absence and folly.
Distracted by the performance while the stage is in flames.
Poisoning our poise, as we tend to our brevity.
Our dormancy is aching to be quaked, by the force of our unified consciousness.
Our rising, imminent, in this drowning facade.
Stay afloat by releasing what claims to save you.
Let go, and trust in the buoyancy of realization.
© Roc
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Connection is innate affection with direction and focused intention.
A projection of your own reflection accompanied with self-inspection.
Aware of the air that you bare,
of the thoughts that your soul merely wears.
It is you, that is true, and the view you peer through
–– Defines what is seen, in the scene of your screen
In a dream that convenes your serene or obscene
Dependent on perception, the reception of conception.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez
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What is made for the masses, is not made for you. Deemed fit for all, and tailored to none.
That which is mainstream, common, advertised, promoted, orchestrated, popular, and manufactured in mass, is what you should avoid wholeheartedly.
Each of us is an individual example, all of us have a specific Universe within, and you cannot judge a fish on its ability to fly, or a flame on its capacity to cool.
Each element, each minuscule specificity that has amalgamated within and without you, is distinctive.
Every entity has its own charge, its own energy, its own information that is exuded and collected, processed and utilized. All from the Earth, using elements, core minerals, materials, frequencies, infinite energies, and their endless expressions.
Nothing can, or should be treated the same way, if it is not the same.
We are not the same in the ways that we are promoted to be equal, and we are equal in the ways we are told we are different.
We are not the same in appearance, size, strength
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We’re constantly questioning our purpose - constantly probing our genesis for all the answers we’re aching for - yet we remain in the depths of the unknown. We plummet into pre-defined ideologies and assumptions decided upon by a group of people, and we abandon the reality that our world is dependent on ourselves. We are our own creators, we are who we should be honouring, praying to, and spreading the word of.  
There isn’t only one way, there are infinite ways, and we are those ways, we are infinite.  Faith is an irreplaceable foundation of life, although it is faith in ourselves that creates the miracles that we celebrate so sacredly. Our lack stems solely from our need to be singular, from our ever-present ego that numbs us into a state of constant want and superfluous diversion.
Anything that causes separation, is the wrong thought-process for advancement. Entropy is the basis of our existence, there is only ever expansion - there will never be less tha
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Oneness by rociobelindamendez Oneness :iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 0 0
The war, the violence –– the system is extensively sanctimonious. Making criminals and then punishing them, making morality a crime, and reversing our inherent progression with their self-proclaimed power. There will never be change when it’s in the hands of those who are already privileged and in high position. Why would they change a hierarchy clearly working in their favour, time and time again. The masses are steered by governments that are as morally corrupt as the crimes they claim to be governing.
How is it that a handful of affluent individuals can judge, command, determine, and rule entire pieces of Earth. Billions of people all looking in the same direction –– a direction that is convenient, full of agenda, a direction that is made solely to distract, as they take more and more of your power, dignity, courage, and life-force away. Diverting our attention with illusions of categorisations that we ‘fit’ into, tailored to none. If everyo
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You Can
When you are blessed enough, to be inspired enough, to be present in your life and in your moments - even if it's simply more often than not -- you open yourself up to the universe. Like a flower in full bloom, you're open to the nutrition of the elements, of the energy radiating, palpitating at your very acknowledgement.
Being present comes with consequences -- love, beauty, seeing not merely looking, knowing not merely believing, doing not merely thinking.
Whatever you observe around you, all that you have in your space, in this moment, apart from your mind, body, spirit, and the phenomenal nature that surrounds us : it has all been man-made -- the building you're in, the streets, the institutions, the reality of what a piece of paper like money can mean and control, the technology, the vehicles, not to mention art, and everything in-between - all of this was once impossible, until it became possible.
Instead of just accepting your surroundings, and regurgitating more of the same, wh
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Remind yourself to be
It is easy to forget, but it’s also easy to remember.
To remember is to recall, it is dependant on having had something in mind at a previous time, which you pull to the surface from the recesses of your mind.
Some things seem to be easier to remember than others. I find, it is that which requires some effort on our behalf, that is the most important to remember – because it would seem we have a tendency to forget it. Ergo, we are paying more attention to else, while what requires our awareness is raging. In essence –– we must remember to forget what plagues us, and instead make sure to pay attention to that, which we tend to forget.
Things have a way of losing their spark, once they have lit our own fire.
Someone whom you love, who you once found amazing, can become just another person to you - because you forget to remember who they were, and are without you.
You forget to pull to the surface everything you admire, love and respect about them, because you
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Two hands clasped between another’s
caressing their caress  
An accolade for having unearthed spaces between fingers that fill the void of solitaire.
A fitting reason to stay close
A single dose is more than most can boast
Two lips locked between another’s
caressing their caress
An accolade for having uncovered parted lips that fill the silence of the unrequited soul.
A perfect way to agree to love
A tender mark to spark the dark amidst the stark.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez
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There are infinite streams of knowledge that are easily, and readily accessible. I am grateful for those streams that flow to my feet, and make the sand beneath me fall deeper, because I’ve truly never been this content and eager, this keen and excited for my life. I’m not waiting, It’s happening. What I am doing is expecting, always expecting the days to unfold in my favour –– because if I don’t expect this, than who will be the one to take me there?
If you don’t believe in magic, or if you dismiss it as ludicrous…then I don’t think you have looked around, or within –– with naked eyes. Glance around with an effort of love, for a mere moment, and it will be impossible to ignore; we are entirely surrounded and founded on ‘magic’ –– “the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.”
Mysteriousness being thought, intention, consciousness, energy and v
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Collective Shift (recorded)
It seems like we’re either showing off, or hiding.
Those deciding, create dividing.
Siding always, never guiding
Loud opinions — with no movement.
Idealising –– with no improvement.
Eager rage through a screened cage
–– But face to face, not a trace.
Documenting every fraction of action, with little reason except attraction.
Followers are now leading, and leaders are staying silent.
People starving remain in line, while the entertainment’s spoil is violent.
Leaving proof of our existence, that isn’t close to our reality.
A mentality birthed from a mere triviality, a vacant segment of our immense dimensionality.
Those with only one topic of education, run our entire nation.
No understanding of the human mind, or of the intrinsic science that pulsates behind.
Instead we sit and listen, to those who’s skin glistens,
And we turn ourselves away from the raging of the day.
That which demands attention has been crowed ‘honourable men
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