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Oneness :iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 0 0 Deviant ID NOV :iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 1 1
The war, the violence –– the system is extensively sanctimonious. Making criminals and then punishing them, making morality a crime, and reversing our inherent progression with their self-proclaimed power. There will never be change when it’s in the hands of those who are already privileged and in high position. Why would they change a hierarchy clearly working in their favour, time and time again. The masses are steered by governments that are as morally corrupt as the crimes they claim to be governing.
How is it that a handful of affluent individuals can judge, command, determine, and rule entire pieces of Earth. Billions of people all looking in the same direction –– a direction that is convenient, full of agenda, a direction that is made solely to distract, as they take more and more of your power, dignity, courage, and life-force away. Diverting our attention with illusions of categorisations that we ‘fit’ into, tailored to none. If everyo
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 3 5
My new video production company banner :iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 1 0
You Can
When you are blessed enough, to be inspired enough, to be present in your life and in your moments - even if it's simply more often than not -- you open yourself up to the universe. Like a flower in full bloom, you're open to the nutrition of the elements, of the energy radiating, palpitating at your very acknowledgement.
Being present comes with consequences -- love, beauty, seeing not merely looking, knowing not merely believing, doing not merely thinking.
Whatever you observe around you, all that you have in your space, in this moment, apart from your mind, body, spirit, and the phenomenal nature that surrounds us : it has all been man-made -- the building you're in, the streets, the institutions, the reality of what a piece of paper like money can mean and control, the technology, the vehicles, not to mention art, and everything in-between - all of this was once impossible, until it became possible.
Instead of just accepting your surroundings, and regurgitating more of the same, wh
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 2 0
Remind yourself to be
It is easy to forget, but it’s also easy to remember.
To remember is to recall, it is dependant on having had something in mind at a previous time, which you pull to the surface from the recesses of your mind.
Some things seem to be easier to remember than others. I find, it is that which requires some effort on our behalf, that is the most important to remember – because it would seem we have a tendency to forget it. Ergo, we are paying more attention to else, while what requires our awareness is raging. In essence –– we must remember to forget what plagues us, and instead make sure to pay attention to that, which we tend to forget.
Things have a way of losing their spark, once they have lit our own fire.
Someone whom you love, who you once found amazing, can become just another person to you - because you forget to remember who they were, and are without you.
You forget to pull to the surface everything you admire, love and respect about them, because you
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 3 0
2016-04-21 16:27:18 :iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 2 2
Two hands clasped between another’s
caressing their caress  
An accolade for having unearthed spaces between fingers that fill the void of solitaire.
A fitting reason to stay close
A single dose is more than most can boast
Two lips locked between another’s
caressing their caress
An accolade for having uncovered parted lips that fill the silence of the unrequited soul.
A perfect way to agree to love
A tender mark to spark the dark amidst the stark.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 3 10
There are infinite streams of knowledge that are easily, and readily accessible. I am grateful for those streams that flow to my feet, and make the sand beneath me fall deeper, because I’ve truly never been this content and eager, this keen and excited for my life. I’m not waiting, It’s happening. What I am doing is expecting, always expecting the days to unfold in my favour –– because if I don’t expect this, than who will be the one to take me there?
If you don’t believe in magic, or if you dismiss it as ludicrous…then I don’t think you have looked around, or within –– with naked eyes. Glance around with an effort of love, for a mere moment, and it will be impossible to ignore; we are entirely surrounded and founded on ‘magic’ –– “the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.”
Mysteriousness being thought, intention, consciousness, energy and v
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 2 5
Collective Shift (recorded)
It seems like we’re either showing off, or hiding.
Those deciding, create dividing.
Siding always, never guiding
Loud opinions — with no movement.
Idealising –– with no improvement.
Eager rage through a screened cage
–– But face to face, not a trace.
Documenting every fraction of action, with little reason except attraction.
Followers are now leading, and leaders are staying silent.
People starving remain in line, while the entertainment’s spoil is violent.
Leaving proof of our existence, that isn’t close to our reality.
A mentality birthed from a mere triviality, a vacant segment of our immense dimensionality.
Those with only one topic of education, run our entire nation.
No understanding of the human mind, or of the intrinsic science that pulsates behind.
Instead we sit and listen, to those who’s skin glistens,
And we turn ourselves away from the raging of the day.
That which demands attention has been crowed ‘honourable men
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 7 4
To share or to care
The need for us to immediately capture and upload our lives is fundamentally a constant need for validation, not only from others but from ourselves. It’s almost as if it didn’t happen if it’s not readily available for viewing, and judging. We want to be judged, we want to know how others feel about how they think, we felt, during an event.
Although, we only seem to share the things we’re proud of, or things that we can upgrade to a brand of a life ––  using filters, known locations, capturing only 1 millisecond of an entire day/trip/relationship/moment and documenting it any which way we please.
We are in desperate need of a story, we want to share our story, we want to share a version of our story that we filter and alter until we’re satisfied with how others will perceive us through this tiny peep hole.
––– A peep into a moment that in reality differed greatly, and in essence is what we wished it would have been, had w
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 4 6
Words are so important, they can transmute any moment, you can use them or abuse them, an irrefutable component.
A prevalent mode of communication, it’s the foundation of formation. Why so much hate in our nations? Our fixation on dictation is the reason for our stagnation.
Use words for love, not to shove others views down, and your perceptions above. Let them be who they inherently are, no matter how far, nothing’s black or white, it’s all just grey. Stop focusing on the shades, and go about your day.
Use words to unite, to light up someones darkest moment with your light. Be the night when it’s too bright, be the eyes that give blind sight, and be the teeth to chew down onto what is lacking bite.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 7 6
With my eyes closed, I can be the future.
With them closed I can see myself any way I want to be.
I’m perfect. It’s beautiful and everlasting, and immense.
My heart is beating, my soul is breathing, and I’m smiling.
With my eyes closed, I can see.
With them closed, anything is possible.
I believe in magic. I believe wholeheartedly in the astonishing.
What is mundane to you, may be the greatest sorcery I’ve ever witnessed.
I believe in life. I believe intently in the beating core of the Universe, pounding at the chest of eternity.
I hear it in my own chest frequently enough. Dup-Dup… Dup-Dup… Dup-Dup. There it is.
I am the Universe in a flesh coat, riding the waves of ever.
We’re scattered pieces of the same fervour.
We’re the holes in the sky inviting the universe to peak down at itself.
We’re more than this shell we carry proudly.
We’re more than the pride we let shell us into confinement.
We’re more, and more, and more
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 13 2
I think most of us should work on inverting our lives. We’re too preoccupied as a western society (I’ll only speak for what I know). Too preoccupied and distracted to notice what we’re actually noticing. The things we tend to focus on can be condensed into two brackets. (Money) –– which can comprise of work, saving, providing for your family/friends, getting security for yourself and those you love, gaining materialistic worth that make the every day life easier.  And finally consumables; which in this case would be food, clothes, shelter, water, and basic resources.
Another thing we focus on that can be condensed into a somewhat fidgety bracket is (distraction). Active distraction from the essence of life, from the pulse in your wrist, neck and heart. From the energy surrounding you, from the vital questions that linger on throughout the course of a life. This category can be difficult because something that is distraction to one person when used cor
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 13 10
i. There was a small, hidden gem of a coffee shop Lola used to frequent.
Every thursday morning at 8:35 she would stand in line for her coffee. Medium hazelnut latte, no sugars.
An imaginative girl with a sharp wit, and a delicate tongue.
Her silky, short chestnut hair was often covering her hazel gaze.
Her colourful pieces of layered clothing decorated her petite frame as she strolled in and out of shop’s with bells that rung to the sound of movement.
Lola made her way to the coffee shop as she had for years, with a slight spring to her step.
She was feeling particularly inspired today, and it showed to the trained eye.
ii. Two people were in front of her deciding on their order. She looked forward a touch, and noticed the most beautiful girl she had ever seen being trained on her first day, standing at the counter.
Lola couldn’t help but stare intently as she watched her subtle movements, and nuances; they looked like a deconstructed masterpiece made for her eyes only.
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 11 7

They lay in the dark with the moon as their accomplice.
They moan and groan, and scratch and bite.
They push each other off, and then hold one another tight.
Their bodies bathing in the light of a billion dying stars.
Their nails and teeth carving deliciously odd scars.
He holds her down, and pushes into her, deep.
She howls into the night and arches her feet.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez
:iconrociobelindamendez:rociobelindamendez 11 8


something :iconleenik:leenik 165 24 Elf's forest 1 :iconvalsomir:valsomir 22 4 Old time cab :iconchris-lamprianidis:Chris-Lamprianidis 237 146
The Keeper
Ai-la came to me when she was eight years old, dressed in a faded hospital gown, with her feet and arms bare and littered with coloured Band-Aids from IV drips. Other than being remarkably short and skinny, there was nothing peculiar about her appearance—she was yet another child who had unfortunately fallen ill to a fatal disease.
When I first found her outside the House in the dead of night, she was staring blankly at the black sky and shivering. I was immediately able to tell she was a newcomer by the look of her skin, translucent but slowly becoming an opaque white beneath the light of the gold lanterns.
“There are no stars here,” I said as gently as I could in the silence, not wanting to frighten her, as most did not take well to their unwitting transportation to the Other Side. The child remained still. “What is your name?”
She tilted her head and her dark eyes focused upon me, intense and perceptive. She took in my masked face and black suit, her ex
:iconmoonshinechild:MoonshineChild 62 36
Remember me... :iconwayman:Wayman 1,536 177 Sailing on the Oceans of my Mind :iconliebegaby:Liebegaby 751 27
Mature content
Ivory and Ebony :iconfb101:fb101 415 32
A frail young girl sits in the middle of a meadow, her long black hair soaked from the down poor of rain. Her once lively eyes now deep, dark, and empty of life and any emotion. Her porcelain face drained of color, and as blank as a clear white paper. Surrounding her, a pool of crimson blood thickening as rivers of the warmed liquid flowed from her slit wrist. Laughter filled the air as a group of teens walked away from the meadow, the same teens responsible for the girl’s current state. They had manipulated her, promised her friendship and companionship and a game they could all play together. Instead of befriending the young girl, once she got to the meadow she was beaten and stripped naked, and before they decided to leave they slit both her wrist laying a razor at her side and leaving her there to die.
As night fell over the meadow, the young girl still sat there life slowly flowing from her body, as the air crisped to a chill. Shadows began to whisper and murmur as they danc
:iconkrasivyy0protektor:krasivyy0protektor 3 3
untitled.0644 :iconmarsellus-longus:marsellus-longus 3 0 Field of Dreams III :iconmelaniumom:melaniumom 448 82 ahhhhh :icontasiaraye:tasiaraye 121 61
Mature content
Bill Kaulitz Love :iconanyarak:AnyaraK 10 6
1,000 members feature!
Hey guys, we reached over 1,000 members! That's awesome! To celebrate, I compiled this feature of works from the group! Enjoy!  
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Daily Lit Recognition for July 1st, 2014
Daily Lit Recognition for July 1st, 2014
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Featured by: Carmalain7

CCLXXVII by wrheath
A provocative turn, brilliant.
Suggested by: doodlerTM
Featured by: betwixtthepages

Peach by katiekerr
From the suggester: A powerful 
short piece that serves as a warning 
to manipulative people.
Featured by: Naktarra

:icondailylitrecognition:DailyLitRecognition 13 3

I did a burning ritual, full of intention tonight, and it has to be one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. I took out a few personal specificities, and left the more general ones in hope of connecting, and making anyone who stumbles across it feel as amazing, and beautiful, and loved as I did, and do. It is a new moon here in Sydney, Australia where I am at the moment, and below you have my handwritten, spoken and then typed intentions from start to finish. I hope you feel amazing during and after, and I bless you with love in advance. Peace always. 

Beautiful Universe! Today is a new moon and I am excited to perform a mini, yet powerful new moon ritual.
It is a time for new beginnings, inviting new things, and manifestation.
I’d like to first bless myself with love, calm, serenity, relaxation, fun and positivity. I would then like to spread these feelings, emotions and intentions to the entire planet. I love you!

This is my first new moon ritual and I feel blessed to be aware of the moon cycle today, and have the time, and desire to bless myself, and the universe tonight. My intentions are pure, true, deep, full of love and radiating an important, wanted love into my immediate surroundings, and anywhere that is wanting or needing of my love and attention.

I am so grateful for my life, for my moment, for what occurs to me, for my immense (and growing) power. For who I am, and what i am becoming every single moment. I bless all the water in my body right now and i send it infinite amounts of love. It’s okay, everything is perfect. What you’re experiencing is natural, and a sign of your connection to nature and the universe. The new moon is upon us, and we are in the midst of co-creating with it.

You’re blessed. Thank you moon, thank you Universe.
With a deep belly breath - I say THANK YOU!!
I am in love with my life, myself and my surroundings.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

I will now set my intentions and affirm what i desire, what i invite in the next moon cycle and onwards.
I welcome, accept and bless all my wants and desires into my physical and mental reality. Thank you universe.
I invite the following statements with all positive intention and love;

I am healthy and fit
I am smooth, firm and clear all over- head-to-toe.
I am my ideal self, I am my ideal self, I am my ideal self, i am my ideal self, I am my ideal self. i am my ideal self, my ideal weight, my ideal body type and size.

I am confident and calm, in control while surrendering to the flow of life and the universe.

I am standing out in the best possible way, always. I am learning so quickly and easily.
It is effortless for me to complete all tasks that i set for myself, and others set for me.
My talent and skill is irreplaceable, and is widely known and noticed.
I am humble, modest and my integrity and morals are honest, beautiful and true.
With every success my feet are firm on the ground.
My humble, true, beautiful and kind heart, soul and body are cemented with each step, and success.
I unlearn anything holding me back that my ego might create, with every step, and success.
I learn to be more humble, true, real and calm within myself.
I am confident in my ability and power.
I manifest amazing things instantly.
My good, great, amazing energy is contagious!
I charge those around me, or those who come into contact with my creations –– in any, and all of their forms.
I bless my creations in advance, so that they best serve me, and those who connect with them.
I am happy
I am pleasantly surprised all the time.
I am genuine and i attract genuine people, and experiences.
I am so loveable. I love so truly and deeply.
I fall more in love with myself - physically, mentally and spiritually every single moment.

I understand others, my empathy is a positive quality - that brings me love, understanding and affection.
I always see, and find solutions to any contrast or challenges that might come into my path, or into the paths of those surrounding me.
Positivity follows closely.
I hear, see, feel and experience positive, beautiful, love-filled moments, people, creations, information, knowledge, work, meditations, successes, and energy.
My energy is on an amazingly-positive high frequency.
I am very aware of guidance and signs, and i see the beauty always.

I am so wealthy. I have such a high income with such little effort. Money follows me wherever I go.
Money flows into my life from endless streams. Thank you.

Money is my friend, and i feel completely take care of.
Any feelings that come into my body and mind, no matter the reason - are blessed, coated and filled with unconditional love, peace! miracles, abundance, comfort, security, pleasantries and immense joy!

I am joyous!!
I am happy!!
I am elated.
I attract the very best, always.
I attract miracles and others notice! This births in them hope and positivity. I am the cause of positive beautiful ripple effects.

I relieve stress and hurt in others.
I heal moments
I heal people
I heal pain
I heal sadness
I heal and bless my world by existing, and I will always exist.

I bless the deceased with clarity and love. Peace and freedom.
I bless the living with love, peace, unity, freedom, tranquility, motivation and inspired action and thoughts.
I add to the collective consciousness in amazing ways.
I act from love. I only act and feel from a peaceful, loving place.
I am timeless
I am ageless
I am fearless
I am young, and forever young –– physically, mentally, and spiritually while still growing in strength, power, knowledge, love, wisdom, inspiration, talent, creativity, humour, fun, adventure, passion, motivation, health, well-being and connected-ness.
I am inspired easily
I inspire effortlessly.
I believe in magic. I am magic!

My days are long, full, productive, relaxing, fun, funny, beautiful, inspiring, connected and full of serendipitous experience, and amazing positive momentum.

I play with the world, and it is an easy, fun, loving game. I know all the rules, I play fair, and I always win and bring those I touch physically, mentally and spiritually with me to the top.

When I win- i share my winnings
When i am blessed- i bless
When i succeed, i help others succeed.
When i love - i am loved infinite-fold.

I am at peace. Internally and externally.
I am calm and relaxed constantly.
I take only inspired action.
The best always finds, and follows me.

I succeed in everything i do
I am always in demand.
I live the life i desire
i have the power to change the world for the better.
I am kind. I am generous. I am always improving.
With every second i become a better version of myself, while helping others do the same.

I have more than enough time to do everything and anything.
I have an easy, effortlessly amazing life!
I have so much fortune.

I have the universe within

I co-create my life
I manifest beauty easily
I am a powerful soul, person and energy source.
I am always in my vortex and aligned.
My body is healthy and happy
My body is fit and active
My mind is calm and focused
My mind is quick and powerful
My energy is positive and inviting, healing and beneficial.
My energy is blessed and contagious.
My time is endless.
I am always comfortable and confident.
I am fearless.
I am certain, always
I am positive
I am beautiful
my physical beauty is unmatched and radiating always.
My mental, and spiritual beauty is amazing and inspiring.

I am blessed. Thank you universe. Thank you for these words pouring out of me.
Thank you for your love, care and devotion.
I love you

I love you moon- I always blossom and beautify in your wake.
I feel only positive vibrations, and energy from your full-ness, or new-ness.
I bless these written and spoken intentions with the power they need to manifest into my physical and mental reality.

I AM LOVE, loved, loving and loveable.
Beautiful sky, moon and universe - I bless you, and you bless me. 

© Rocio Belinda Mendez


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